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Implant supported esthetic dental restorations provided by excellent dentists in Hungary

If you have a problem with your teeth, gums, or smile, or you would like to have healthy  and beautiful teeth, please contact us. We have decades of experience in esthetic dentistry and dental implants.

Ha kérdése van

You can trust us

Please find below the compliments of our patients from all over the world and see  our before and after treatment gallery

Bízhat bennünk

We offer solutions for very complex dental problems

Come to the first consultation and let’s discuss your problems and esthetic needs and we will find the optimal solution for you. After your consent  the planned implantation and esthetic dental treatments will be carried out


During the first consultation, after clinical and x-ray examinations we provide a personalized treatment plan and quotation free of charge. Consultation is free, but minor charge applies for the X-ray examinations. Upon request, a copy of the CT and OP X-ray can be available on CD.

We are also able to provide treatment plan and quotation based on recent clinical data (X-ray and clinical examination) carried out by another clinicial if our potential patient is in a position to forward it to us.

While we are able to give our quotation to the patient for their existing treatment, we reserve the right to modify the treatment plan based on our clinical examination. We return all received clinical data and information when we provide the quote.

When asked, we will schedule dates and complete the recommended treatment.

Patients have visited us from all over the world

Implant dentistry

The optimal way to replace lost teeth is implantation – even in the case of being edentulism. Feeling as the natural teeth, perfect chewing function – a satisfied patient!


Esthetic dental treatments

Beauty begins with healthy and beautiful teeth. We make a personalized smile design at our clinic.


Restorative and other dental treatments

Toothache, bleeding gum, other unpleasant symptoms in the oral cavity. These problems require an experienced dentist.

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