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                  Implant dentistry is in the focus of Dental Clinic of

 “S and Z” Beautiful Teeth Ltd. in Hungary

Implant dentistry is the fastest developing branch of the whole scope of dental practice.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomograph)

With the application of the CBCT the 3D diagnosis, the implantation and the treatment planning can be made utilizing different planning softwares


Dental implants and implant surgery

The optimal way to replace lost teeth is setting implants – even in the case of  being edontulous. Implant supported restorations mimic the natural teeth, providing perfect chewing function, and easy to get used.


Bone grafts, sinus lift

The loss of teeth causes the recession of the alveolar bone due to functional inactivity. In case of bone loss, bone grafts might be necessary before the placement of implants.

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