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CBCT (computer tomography for head and neck)

The examination is absolutely painless and radiation load is limited

The CT scan is made by the opposite and co-operating X-ray tube and sensor system rotating around the head and generating thin “slices” from the designated area / tomography. The data is compiled by the computer / computer / assembled and distorted / 3D diagnostics /. With the help of the 3D computer image, implantation and bone substitution can be precisely planned.

In contrast to the 2-dimenional panoramic X-ray CBCT is able to present anatomical objects in 3D.  Bone anomalies can be visualized. It shows the exact location of the facial nerves so nerve damage can be prevented. At our clinic, every single implant is placed guided by CT scan, so implants are placed into the ideal bone location.

CT komputer tomográf
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