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  Esthetic dental implant restoration is the main profile of Implant Dentist Hungary

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The main profile of the Implant Dentist Hungary Clinic  is the non removable esthetic dental implant restoration, which often needs bone grafting. Our patients also ask for treatments when the main goal is not only to change the shade and the shape of their natural teeth to achieve a „Hollywood smile”. For these treatments it is required to visit our surgery for a consultation and treatment planning. Sometimes bone substitution and implantation and even gum grafts are clinically indicated.

The unfavourable changes of the face caused by the non-carious tooth tissue loss, shortening of the vertical dimension of the teeth can be corrected by complex esthetic dental treatments. In this case, the bite must be restored. The restoration of the bite and the beauty of the face is our task.

Wearing night guards will only reduce the further abrasion of the teeth, but it does not mean the treatment of the condition with all of the consequences on the TM joints, face muscles and collagene fibres.

The first phase of the complex restoration with CAD / CAM technology is the 3D design. After the approval of the patient the final zirconium crown and bridge restoration will be completed.

Treating bite abnormalities in adults is a complex task requiring skills and experienc. All possible treatment procedures can be selected only after a very accurate analysis.

The most serious developmental disorders affecting the jaw bone and teeth require surgical and orthodontic treatments. Tooth movement associated with the orthodontic treatments require extreme forces which can lead to bone loss.

This risk exists especially in case of the treatment of lateral crossbite. Patients with such problems often seek our help. By using combined endodontic and prosthetic methods, we can achieve spectacular esthetic results.

Esthetic dental implant restoration with dental face makeover


Partially edentolous upper arch misplaced and rotated teeth, edentoluos lower jaw after one-stage implantation

After the esthetic restoration: implants, zirconium crowns and bridges

Before the treatment: generalized mobiltity of the teeth

Panoramic X-ray of the patient after extractions of teeth, bone grafts, sinus lift and implantation

A new smile after the implant-esthetic restoration

Complex face makeover with esthetic implant restoration

Before dental face lift

After dental face lift compare the height of the lower third of her face and the shape of the lips

Before the esthetic implant face makeover

After the esthetic implant face makeover

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