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The gallery shows photos of patients before and after a facial makeover, provided by the skilled specialists of  “Implant-Dentist-Hungary”

On the gallery photos before and after the treatments can be seen

A diasthema between the two central incisiors, the loss of gum attachment, horizontal and vertical bone loss, mobility of upper incisors and black triangles at the corner of the commisures

Facial rejuvenation

Oversized crowns on the upper central incisiors, irritated/inflamed at the crown margins, disadvantageous gingival margin

Removal of crowns gingivoplasty, zirconium crowns, smile makeover

Discolored, worn teeth. Diasthema between the upper central incisors. The lower incisors are crowded and the lower left central incisior is chipped

Bite correction with zirconium crowns, closing the upper diasthema, correction of the unpleasant shade, size and shape of teeth – resulting in smile makeover

Lost teeth, carious lesions, worn and crowded teeth. Partial loss of the vertical dimension of the face, aesthetically compromised face and smile

Bite elevation, smile and face makeover achieved by implant-aesthetic dental restorations

Incorrect crown on the upper central incisior, misalignment of lower anteriors, black triangles at the commisures, V-shaped arch

Smile makeover with aesthetic dental restorations. All aesthetically compromised structures are restored

Demineralised, chalky spots on the enamel caused by developmental defects of tooth hard tissues

Pressed ceramic veneers were used to treat the aesthetic problem

Diasthema and ectopic teeth with deep bite. The papilla between the upper central incisiors is wide, reaching the mid-coronal level of the teeth. Inflamed gum between the central and lateral incisiors

Following gingivoplasty zirconium crowns were cemented to restore the aesthetics and the bite

Anterior cross-bite, discolouration of the upper central incisiors, rotation of the upper rigth canine

The patient requested a low cost solution so only the six upper front teeth were restored by zirconium crowns. Even this limited restoration resulted in the correction of the cross-bite, the discolouration, shape and size of the teeth. Both the aesthetic impression and the function have improved.

Lost teeth, large number of carious lesions, vertical and horizontal bone loss, deep bite and disharmony of the face

The whole spectrum of technology used in implant-aesthetic dentistry (3D planning, bone grafting, attached gum transplantation, implants, zirconium crowns, bite correction, smile-makeover, face lift)

Worn down teeth, non-carious tooth tissue loss due to attrition, discoloured teeth, irregular gum line

Smile makover achieved by gingivoplasty, bite correction, altering the shade and shape of teeth

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