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Hungary and Heviz

Hungary is one of the most popular destination of health tourism. The most famous treatment arts are the denitstry and reumatology. Among the several health centers Heviz is an outstanding destination.


The popularity of the town Heviz is due to the thermal lake, its beneficial effects are known and recognized all over the world. The lake is the largest biologically active natural thermal lake, which lies on 4,44 acres on a 50 acres of conservation land. This is the biggest treasure of the town living from health tourism, which refreshes both body and soul. Dozens of hotels can be found in Heviz, which fully meet the expectations of discerning guests who come here to relax and recuperate.

Sparkling cultural life characterizes the town, performances and a variety of themed events are offered for tourists on more festival sites, too. There are a plenty of confectioneries, restaurants and shops. This region provides a rich variety of sporting, entertaining and excursion possibilities for every generation. If somebody would like to have a peaceful holiday, they also can have a good time here. Infrastructure and transportation improvements are ongoing. The current state is said to be highly satisfactory as public security is appraised by the guests of the town.


Only 6 km from Heviz

Keszthely has the richest cultural values and natural conditions on the lakeside, it deserves the title: the Capital of Lake Balaton. The people who live here know how lucky they are, they share a rich common heritage created by the Festetics family. The Festetics family were one of the most significant counts, then ducal family, who started to build one of the most important castles of the country in the 18th century.

György Festetics founded the first agricultural college of Europe, which is regarded as the predecessor of the present Georgikon University. The reconstruction of Keszthely’s main square was completed in 2002, it is also an individual tourist attraction of the town.

The Main Square and the Festetics Castle is connected by the pedestrian street. There are cafe bars, restaurants, quality clothes shops and smaller exhibitions can be visited. It is very pleasant to sit on the terraces of café bars in the shades of old trees and enjoy the sight of the rolling crowd typical for the season. Lively bustle characterizes the night life. On the beach concerts, in the night clubs live music and projectors await the guests. Demanding tourists can enjoy theatre performances and classical music concerts, as well. For young people there is a party zone, which ensures an unforgettable experience at lake Balaton.

Lake Balaton

The most popular tourist destination of the country is also mentioned as the Hungarian Sea. In the summer it invites young and old to the beach. The swim lovers are well aware that the quality of the water is excellent, and it is perfect for water-skiing, kite-surfing, wind-surfing and also for sailing. All land and water facilities are available for active recreation lovers on the majority of the lakeside settlements, some of them are visited by hikers, as well.

The wine culture of Balaton Uplands regions – as the majority of the wine regions of Balaton – dates back over 2000 years. The wines made from the grapes grown here are savory, elegant and have discreet aroma. Numerous wineries and cellars can be found in the region, where wine dinners and special gastronomic programmes are offered for the visitors. Now the lake is associated with quality tourism. Developed infrastructure and road network, reliable water and land transport characterizes this region, which is under constant development.

Active leisure time

In Heviz-Keszthely region it is possible to take part in many sport -and leisure activities, which can be performed individually, in a group or in a leaded form. Without being exhaustive, we offer the following, regardless of age and gender. Can be offered: forest hikes, biking, (on built bike paths even by rented bikes), sagway tours, tennis, golf, fitness, gymnastics, cruise, hot-air ballooning, sightseeing, flight in a small plane, canoeing, swimming.


Golf lovers can find two great golf courses, clubs within a distance of about 15 km from Heviz. In Zalacsany the biggest and most modern course of the country was opened last year. The 18 hole championship course has been built according to the USGA international standards, its complete length is 6351m. In the neighbourhood of Zala Springs, surrounded by the picturesque hills of Zala, a thermal bath is open every day for the ones who come here to rest and recuperate.


Sailing on Lake Balaton is very popular among domestic and foreign sailors. In many settlements around the lake more ports are located, which provide increasingly outstanding services. In the ports of the settlements near  Keszthely  and the lake it is possible to rent boats, carry out courses, rent berths for sailing vessels.


Hungary is rich in historically significant castles, many of them can be found in the West-Balaton region. Without being exhaustive, the most significant beauty spots are Sümeg and Szigliget, which can be reached by car, train or bus in a relatively short travel time. In the castles with magnificent view tournaments, cultural performances and exhibitions are organized in contemporary costumes.

Heviz, thermal lake

Termal lake Heviz

Town Hall Heviz

Blue church in Heviz

Festetics castle

Hiking in Hungary

Golf court at Balaton

Lake Balaton sailing

Mediavel fortress near to Heviz

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