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We prefer an individualized quotation after clinical and x-ray check up. Namely there are not two identical teeth, even in case of the same patient, the same jaw, the same type of tooth but at different sides. For comparability, we list the prices of the most common treatments.

The individualized price quotation at our clinic involves numerous steps:

  • The first step is a clinical and radiographical / intraoral, panorama, CT / examination and medical history taking
  • Secondly, multiple photo and video recordings are taken of the face and oral cavity. We also record the movements of the jaw, so a simulator (articulator) can accurately model the natural jaw movements   
  • The third step is impression taking and the creation of a dental study model to enable us to use the articulator
  • After evaluating all registered data, the definitive diagnosis will be reached
  • Different treatment options and alternatives will be discussed in details inlcuding the associated short and long-term benefits and risks. We also discuss the prices of all the different treatment options . We help our patients to give us informed consent regarding the treatment
  • Final step is an agreed treatment plan and price quotation in written form

Our prices are similar with those of other leading Hungarian dental clinics but our potential patients can choose from a wider range of clinically indicated treatment options.

Consultation is free, but minor charge applies for the X-ray examinations. Upon request, a copy of the CT and OP X-ray can be available on CD.

We are also able to provide treatment plan and quotation based on recent clinical data (X-ray and clinical examination) carried out by another clinicial if our potential patient is in a position to forward it to us.

While we are able to give our quotation to the patient for their existing treatment, we reserve the right to modify the treatment plan based on our clinical examination. We return all received clinical data and information when we provide the quote.

Why can the price of wisdom tooth extraction be misleading?

Let’s see an example!

A Szép Fogak árajánlata az első konzultáció alkalmával a CT és klinikai vizsgálat után történik

Extracting the right and the left lower wisdom teeth can be different because it is impacted crown down on one side with a large pericoronal lesion, while on the other side the tooth is partly erupted without any compromising factor

If you see a price for the extraction of the wisdom tooth, would it be accurate in your case? A price in a typical price list is valid only for the simple clinical scenario.

The basic prices of the most frequent treatments

Implant Direct with abutment 5 years 630 USD
SIC Implant (Switzerland) with abutment 5 years 710 USD
Replace Implant Nobel with abutment 5 years 1420 USD
 Implant with Abutments
Additional Abutment (in case of immediate Loading) 5 years 210 USD
Semados Abutment (German) 5 years 710 USD
Replace Abutment 5 years Free
Navigated Implant
Template for navigated implantation/jaw from1 to 10 implants From 260 USD
All on 4 implantation per jaw 5700 USD
All on four screw retained bridge per jaw 10000 USD
Bone Grafting
Sinus Lift (per site) 830 USD
Bone Augmentation / GTR (per site) 600 USD
Request a personal quotation for dental implants
Restorative Dentistry
Zirconium (metal free) crown 5 years 380 USD
Zirconium (metal free) Bridgework (per tooth) 5 years 380 USD
Metal / Ceramic Crown 5 years 250 USD
Veneer 5 years 380 USD
Veneer (pressed ceramic) 5 years 420 USD
Prettau zirconium anterior veneer or crown 5 years 420 USD
Ceramic Inlay / Onlays 5 years 380 USD
Gum Plasty/ tooth 210 USD
Gum Grafting 640 USD
Surgical Extraction 150 USD
Removal of impacted wisdom tooth 250 USD
Partial denture (metal framework) 1100 USD
Precision Attachement (Preci-Vertix) 300 USD
Panormaic X-ray 50 USD
CT Scan (2 jaws) 110 USD
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