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Over 30 years of professional experience in esthetic implant restorations

Professional biography:

1968 A general medical degree at the Medical University of Szeged

1976 Specialist of Dental and Oral Diseases

1992 Professor at the University of Pecs

1995 Chair of the Professional College of Dental and Oral Diseases

1999 Establishment of “S and Z” Dental Clinic

I have performed the first implant prostheses on epileptic patients with aluminum oxide implants. In the 1980’s, I  used Linkow’s blade implants, Branemark screw implants after its approval in Hungary. I have been involved in the authorisation process and introduction of 3I implants manufactured in the US. In the early period of cosmetic dentistry and endodontics evolved in the United States, I was influenced and inspired to establish esthetic dentistry and endodontics in Hungary. Since 2000, my main professional focus is on esthetic implant dental restorations. I worked in several foreign universities /Erfurt, Tübingen, Glasgow/ gaining substantial professional experience. As the head of the Dental School of University of Pecs I had the honour to teach and collaborate a large number of distinguished colleagues and published several articles in English, German and Hungarian languages.

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Implantologist, Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Professional biography:

2002 MD;  Medical Faculty of the University of Szeged.

2010 MDS; University of Pécs

2011  PhD degree; (topics in pain research)

2013  Oral and Maxillofacial Specialist qualification

At present: Assistant Professor at PTE Dental Clinic and specialist at Dental Clinic of Beautiful Teeth Ltd. in Hungary

After obtaining a medical degree, he published the results of his research on pain receptors in leading international journals.

His work achieved outstanding citation. After obtaining a dental degree, he chose the profession for which both dental and medical degree are required. He works with the utmost consideration of prothetics and esthetic needs of the patients

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Dental Assistant

1977. Dental Assistant
1985. Leading Assistant at the PTE Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic
1998. Clinical Dental Hygienist
1999. Senior Assistant and Practice Manager at the Beautiful Teeth Ltd. in Heviz

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She reaches out to our patients and is fluent in Hungarian, English and German languages.

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