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Zeugnisse unserer Patienten

Die Qualität unserer Arbeit spiegelt sich in den Meinungen unserer Patienten wider

Steve, UK

November 17, 2012|

4th visit and 2nd phase of treatment nearly complete! Prof. Szabo is, without doubt, the very very best-major works undertaken. Doubt we have such expertise in the UK.

Christine Muscat, England

Juli 19, 2012|

Thank you all for my wonderful ’Hollywood Smile’. I am very happy.

Jools Newman, Scotland

März 31, 2012|

My husband has the perfect smile thanks to you and all your staff! Maybe I will pick up the courage and have work done. Excellent work is done. Many, many thanks.

Pete Newman, Scotland

März 31, 2012|

Thank you. And to all your staff. First class dental practice.

Grace Hall, England+China

Januar 19, 2012|

My teeth has been bothered me for years int he past. Prof. Szabo did a brilliant job for me: now I have a set of beautiful teeth, and feel very comfortable too! Thanks so much! It works every penny!

Ingrid, GB.

Dezember 3, 2011|

Today is my 1st yearly check-up, I have been thrilled with my teeth, all of which are crowned. 100% worth it, great work!

Michelle Weston, UK

Oktober 11, 2011|

My first visit here and I am very happy with the treatment I received from everyone. I was well looked after and make welcome. I was fully informed about the proposed treatment. Thank you.

Vivia Hicks, England

September 9, 2011|

Very professional in every way. All staff are lovely. Very very pleased with the result. Will definately be recommending to an. Thank you so much. X

Dale Jordan, England

September 9, 2011|

I was in 2 minds coming to Hungary for my teeth from the Uk, but I am so glad I came Prof Szabo has done an amazing job, I am really pleased with his work.

Laura Coverdale

September 8, 2011|

Amazing! My smile is perfect, I’m very fussy but can not fault Prof. Szabo, he is amazing! Thank you for my new white smile! xx

Nigel Brace, UK

August 26, 2011|

All of the above testimonies just are so correct. Fantastic!!

David and Linda Ward

Juni 10, 2011|

Don’t panic, trust in him and his team, they are good. Excellent treatment. Prof. Szabo is an old school. He puts any dentist in the UK to shame. Many thanks. We will be back!!

Martin Minnock, Stabannon

April 21, 2011|

This man is God. And his team is the best. Thank you!!!

Margaret Kenny, Ireland

April 6, 2011|

When I arrived I was extremely apprehensive, anxious and nervous. But upon meeting Prof. Szabo and his team I became immediately relaxed and reassured. The treatment is meticulous and the results are amazing. I leave with a beautiful bright smile.

Michael Lord, UK+Spain

März 28, 2011|

I feel very lucky to have met Prof. Szabo and his team. They have been tremendous, my teeth now I look a million dollars. If anyone else reads this, you are in fantastic hands.

Simon, United Kingdom

Dezember 5, 2010|

Prof. Szabo is th ebest dentist, to my mind. Thank you for the kind, efficient, excellent treatment.

Stage 1 Complete.

Thank you.

Leon, Wales, UK

September 8, 2010|

Thank you so much-I felt in very competent hands.

Mickey, London, UK

September 3, 2010|

Thank you so much for everything! My teeth are PERFECT. I couldn’t have been looked after by nicer people. So professional, clean and experienced. Thank you so much.

Dara Cotton, UK

August 7, 2010|

I was quite afraid of my treatment but Professor Szabo was wonderful. I can’t express just how gentle and lovely he was and how much calmer that made me. I am so lucky to have been treated by such a wonderful dentist.

Neville, Scotland

Juni 4, 2010|

No volcano this time. Really pleased with my new smile. Well worth all the traveling, waiting and not a little apprehension.  Money well spent!

Neville, UK, Scotland

April 19, 2010|

Volcano causing problems-but no probs with Prof. Szabo and Susan. Excellent attitude. A word for receptionist Rita, lovely girl and very nice interaction with clients. Very good first impression-driving back to the UK!!  An adventure awaits…

Chris and Christine Flathers, UK

März 23, 2010|

My wife is now having her formal checks. She is over the moon with the final results. having seen her radiant smile restored again. I can not wait to have my teeth finished later this year. Prof. Szabo and his team are very good and professional.

Chris Flathers, England

März 17, 2010|

2nd visit. Thank you so much to Professor Szabo and his team. I have always been extremely anxious when visiting the dentist but this was a completely new experience for me. The professor is very professional. Time is not a problem and focus is extremely as patient needs. Pain is kept to an absolute minimum. My mum couldn’t have looked after me better. Thank you.

Anita Scott, England

März 12, 2010|

I have had a great deal of treatment in my life but never have I had anything as excellent as the treatment here. A super experience. A warm and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to everyone.

Lesley, UK Wales

März 5, 2010|

The 4th visit. The professor and his team are wonderful, the treatment I have received has been the best ever!

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